John Eckstein

john eckstein

John Eckstein with daughter Nina and son Jamie

Instrument: Cello

Birthday: May 8th

Hometown: A crossroads in Wisconsin called Winchester

Children: Nina(19) and Jamie(13)

Pets: MeowMeow the Cat and Haru the Dog (possibly Dingo)

Education: I went to the Interlochen Arts Academy for the last couple of years of high school. After that I graduated from the Eastman School of Music. I did my Masters with Raya Garbousova at Northern Illinois University.

Years served in the Utah Symphony: I can’t believe it’s already 25 years!

Town most recently lived in: I lived in Auckland NZ for 2004 where I played in the Auckland Phil.

Favorite quote: “I can resist anything but temptation” or anything else Oscar Wilde said

Greatest accomplishment: Instilling in my kids a love for animals and the outdoors

Favorite composer: This is a loaded question, but I am a fan of Robert Schumann. I’m always asked for a ‘top three’ composers list for some reason. That includes Bach, Beethoven and ?.

Favorite composition: Schumann Cello Concerto

Inspiration: People who have faced much greater difficulties than me

Favorite Movies: North by Northwest, Charade, the Bonds, the Bournes…

Most interesting thing few-to-no one knows about you: I read all 66 Hardy Boys books to my son

Favorite Foods: Sushi, Pistachio Ice Cream, Orange Juice

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, golf

Bad habit: Staying up too late

Place you’d most like to be stranded: Fjord country of Norway

Most influential teacher (in music or any other area): My graduate teacher and friend, Raya Garbousova

Professional experience before the Utah Symphony: I played in a couple of other orchestras prior, but I also worked on a construction crew in Dallas between school years in college

If I didn’t play the cello: I’d play the bassoon.

If I weren’t a professional musician: I’d be in science, probably physics (my first major).

What do you want the community to know about us, or our job?: We fret a lot about our playing and are always trying to get better. If we aren’t playing well at the moment, we aren’t happy.